Funding and How to Apply

Funding is a perennial problem for any out of school activity demanding certainty together with a high degree of commitment and standards of excellence. This section sets out some ideas and procedures.

For many years local Lions and Rotary clubs have sponsored students into courses. For the best chance of success apply early (remember most clubs only meet once a month) and provide a copy of the seminar brochure.

In some areas local businesses will be happy to help a particular child or group of children. Again, when approaching organisations, remember to provide a copy of the seminar brochure.

Successful applications can also be made to various Pub Charities.

Sometimes Schools partially fund a group of students, and families themselves meet the remainder of the fees, the children helping with fundraising activities. This possibility should be discussed with your school at a senior level.

Holiday Seminars will be applying to various organisations for funding during 2009 and if we are successful we will keep you informed via our Front Page News, however, the current world economic climate will of course reduce our chances of locating any sizeable financial assistance.

During 2007 and 2008  The Todd Foundation were particularly generous to us in providing funding to students from low decile schools. In total we were able to give scholarships to seventy students from schools all over New Zealand who would not have been able to attend without this help. 

From time to time HOLIDAY SEMINARS awards specific subsidies or scholarships to high ability children needing financial help.  During 2007, 2008  and early 2009 we gave twenty-five scholarships to children who mostly came from small country schools.

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Stay informed for upcoming news.

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