Best Friend (Josephine Torrance 12yrs)

This is about a friendship.  Milly became my best friend when I was five years and two weeks old and she was five years and five weeks old.   We started school on the same day and Mr ... read more »

Following The Herd (By Alexa Craig-Johnson - 12yrs)

I know I won't forget.  I won't forget those that fought all those years ago to ensure that I have the life I have today.   Those young men from this young country went forth into a ... read more »

It's Easy To Make New Friends (By Tyla Kruger - 14yrs)

When she told me it would be easy to make new friends I knew she was lying. I knew by the way my Mom looked down at the bench and the sandwiches cut into triangles. ... read more »

Totally (Tilly Lasky - 13yrs)

She first appeared before the summer really started, tentatively at first as if she tippy toed on hot iron sand, just a faint little, so faint it could barely be heard. ... read more »

Yuletide Is Over

Christmas is over and the goose no longer fat -

No-one put a penny in the old man's hat -

Presents are all opened -

Paper thrown away -

Parents back at work again - ... read more »

30 More Sleeps..... [Kate Gifford 8yrs]

Only 30 sleeps til Christmas, just 30 sleeps that's all.  That's not a lot really.  30 more sleeps and Santa will appear, big and fat and jolly with all his reindeer and a few elves ... read more »

My Cat (by Tilly Lasky - 13yrs)

My cat stares at me through the kitchen window and faintly speaks. ... read more »

FEAR (Caitlin Davies)

Left to fester, fear grows in the pit of your stomach, a block of ice ready to fall, a lump in your throat ready to rise.  It sets jelly in your legs and prolongs a shiver in your spine.  ... read more »

The School Holiday Course

My mum came into my room and told me I was going to a school holiday course because last holidays I got bored and that was the time there was the problem with the neihbours and their cats. &nb ... read more »


Ugly is no longer needed.  Ugly is no longer loved.  He lies in solitary coldness at the very bottom of a pile of old shoes.  From time to time he is kicked a little from side to sid ... read more »

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