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ART & DESIGN IN THE CLASSICAL WORLD from our travelling tutor, Russell Greenwood is proving to be popular.

The Aims of the course are to help students learn some important understandings about art and design in both the classical and prehistoric develop their appreciation and enjoyment of classical design for its own understand how art in the Roman and Greek worlds continues to influence us.

Resources include pottery, stoneware, bronze, coins and jewellery from 10,000 BC to 200, stencil blanks, language resources, maps and charts, internet linked material for self-drive activity.

Activities include examining original and repro samples, focusing especially on Greek and Roman cultures.....Design activities using stencil blanks, classical colour range, motifs, styles, etc.......Technological explorations.  Function of art and design products e.g. religion, rites of passage, domestic activity, theatre, warfare.

Group discussion and research within all the above areas. Quizzes, mazes, puzzles.

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