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Back to the grindstone!

It doesn't take too long to forget that the UK trip ever happened and become once more immersed in the day to day problems of life in Auckland city.   Today I hesitantly checked how the Smashwords books were getting along - `Chalk Pits & Cherry Stones' still doing sort of Ok but not much movement with the other two. Oh well, that's life!

Now not so new blog....

I seem to have been spending a great deal of time these days blogging via Blogspot.   To my astonishment all you need to do to get to it is type Jean Hendy Harris Writes into your browser and up it pops - magic!  It started as a writing blog and recently began to morph into an eating blog and is currently appearing to change direction once more.   Lots of fun!

Jean Hendy-Harris Writes......

Have a look at my almost brand new writing blog - Jean Hendy-Harris Writes via   Now the blog was set up in the first place to talk about writing in general and epublishing in particular but I cannot help noticing that of late it reads like a Food Blog.   Never mind, there are worse things to read about.

FREE for the next month!

DECEIVED BY FAITH my novel published last year is a pyschological thriller.  It will be free for the next month on Smashwords.  The link is:

Holiday Seminars bulletin

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