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Holiday Seminars is happy to announce that  to  co-incide with the conclusion of Gifted Awareness Week we are renaming the Uni-on-Wheels project launched in 2010 to reflect  exactly what we represent as we head towards 2012 and beyond  –  the provision of In-School Seminars for Gifted Students!      And of course this term-time opportunity is most certainly aimed at High Flyers and Tall Poppies, those students who consistently achieve outstanding academic results.    But the opportunity has also been crafted to cater for the Rising Stars and Bright Sparks, the children we know have the potential to fly higher but who perhaps lack the necessary initiative to actually get started on the journey.     And significantly, our workshops are designed to include those whom we are intuitively aware have islands of outstanding ability within them;  the Creative Thinkers whose abilities often hover tantalisingly outside that which is easily quantified – the Odd Bods who are at times the most highly intellectual thinkers, who ponder life’s problems in depth,  and yet do not seem to demonstrate unusual ability at a traditionally measured academic level.

The in-school seminars operate in much the same way as our very successful holiday programmes and they are managed and conducted under the auspices of The Holiday Seminar Charitable Trust which is of course a non- profit making organization.

From today instead of visiting the old Uni-on-Wheels website for information, you will go directly to where you will find all the details of what we can provide for your child’s school in full day extension workshops.    

End of Gifted Awareness Week

It was good to see so many people on Saturday.   A really good range of ideas and activities too with plenty to amuse the kids (and some of the adults).   Jean and Elaine had a great time catching up with old friends and making some new ones - not to mention trying to solve the riddle of the HEIST game.  This was quite unsolvable  according to Elaine and a very determined fellow called Wayne!

Open Day Saturday 18th June

We will be at Mt Albert Presbyterian Church Hall on Saturday 18th June to answer your questions about our UNIVERSITY ON WHEELS initiative.  Come along and find out how YOU can ensure that UoW visits your child's school this year.   Elaine le Sueur and Jean Hendy-Harris will be available from 2 to 5 pm to explain how it works.

UoW Newsflash - ! response to a number of queries we can confirm that Puni School in Pukekohe will again be taking enrollments from students attending neighbouring schools.  If you would like your child to attend, dates are 21st, 22nd & 23rd June, 9.00-2.30 daily.  The programme is very exciting with two appearances from Ken Ring with Mind Reading & Mathematics - and on Day 3, Elaine le Sueur will be presenting one of her very popular Forensic Science workshops.   Contact the school office Tel: 09 238 7403 or email: admin [at] puni [dot] school [dot] nz for full information regarding enrollment procedure.

For details about the programme at Upper Harbour School earlier in the month, Tel: 09 413 7233 or email: office [at] upperharbour [dot] school [dot] nz

UNI on WHEELS in Term Two, 2011

Our In School full day seminars will be visiting Upper Harbour School, Albany from 7th to 9th June and we are back at Puni School, Pukekohe from 21st to 23rd.   We may also visit Pakuranga this term so watch this space! For all the up to date news visit

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