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Organisation is now complete for Uni-on-Wheels latest 2011 workshop and we are now ready to take enquiries/bookings for the COMBAT & CONFLICT seminar.  This is a great opportunity for able students to focus on some of the major disputes in modern history - some of which may have directly affected the lives of their own wider families, both within New Zealand and across the world. The creative writing and diaries of a range of young people are examined and the students understand the wider value and significance of recording their thoughts, feelings and observations of what is going on around them.  The workshop concludes with a Philosophy Forum where ideas are shared and beliefs explored.  You can check seminar details at

Welcome to 2011

The brand new year is now well and truly up and running and the kids are definitely champing at the bit (as they say in equestrian circles) to get back to school!  And in SOME schools this year they will be able to sample from the fantastic range of UNI-ON-WHEELS courses. We sincerely hope they're coming to a school near YOU!  Check it all out at

Coming to a school near YOU!

All the proposed 2011 day seminars and workshops available to schools as a 3 day package, are now ready for your perusal on our sister site (click WORKSHOPS tab). You will find a great range of new and exciting topics such as HOOKED ON BOOKS, CREATIVE LEADERSHIP, STRATEGIC THINKING and XTRA SECRET LINGO as well as a number of your old favourites.  Some subjects sound familiar but come with a brand new look such as the new mysteries to solve in SCENE OF THE CRIME and FORENSIC SCIENCE.    Keen mathematicians will be delighted to know that Ken Ring is back with his ever popular MATHS MAGIC sessions and there are even more maths delights to sample via Geoff Woolford and Choon Tan who have also agreed to join our maths team.

The new ANZAC AWARENESS SEMINAR is definitely worth checking out and offers an in depth study of the Gallipoli Campaign and not only the reasons why we observe Anzac Day, but also a wider look at the origins and aftermath of the conflict.   And the omnipresent question is posed via role play:  could all the carnage have been avoided with the use of appropriate mediation, negotiation and diplomacy?

Junior wordsmiths will love the opportunity to enroll in the YOUNG AUTHORS' workshop or work in cub reporter teams and prepare work for possible publication in the JUNIOR JOURNALISTS seminar.  Historians will find that CLASSICS has now been divided into separate studies of Greece and Rome.   These workshops give an introduction to the language of antiquity or, alternatively, a chance to become involved in the Greek or Roman drama of Aristophanes or Plautus.

We think that 2011 looks like being a great year for keen learners.

Exciting Topics For 2011 On The Way!

We are working on a range of really exciting workshops for University On Wheels to take into schools.  Don't forget to check out progress at

New Tutors On Board

We have a number of new tutors joining the Uni-on-Wheels Team for 2011.   SONIA WHITE has worked with high ability students and their parents for many years and many of you will know her from her time as gifted education advisor to schools in the Auckland and Northland region.   She has devised a number of innovative workshops to add to the melting pot.   There's great news for keen mathematicians because not only has GEOFF WOOLFORD agreed to make occasional guest appearances but we have also managed to persuade CHOON TAN to come aboard!   Geoff has been a classroom teacher, lecturer in maths education and advisor on mathematics in the primary area for over thirty years - and Choon is renowned for his work with gifted students in Christchurch for many years.  And that's not all because we spoke recently with HILARY HALL who has agreed that when she returns from Europe later in the year she will give serious consideration to joining us once more with her much sought after art classes.   Check out the latest at

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