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Update on School Holiday Courses

Registrations are now regularly coming in for the next Achieving Potential Seminars and at present it looks as if the Diplomacy and CSI workshops are in the lead as far as popularity is concerned with Mind Reading, Maths, Writers' Workshop and Costume Design not very far behind. Great news for CSI fans - we have managed to locate a new role playing game which will undoubtedly interest would be Detectives and Forensic Scientists! We are hoping to have this available at the seminar.
The group who have been playing Diplomacy via our Kids' Club have finally, after months of intense mediation, negotiation, hardship, struggle and strategy, called a truce. Congratulations must go to Christopher Jury in particular for his splendid work on outlining the Final Accord. All is currently quiet therefore on the on-line battle front. A further e-game is in the pipeline, however, and if it does not begin before the upcoming seminar, there will be ample opportunity then for planning strategy for those who are able to attend.
Congratulations also go to the students who have sent in contributions to the Writing Corner, in particular: Belinda Holmes, Jenny Horrocks, Caleb Wells and Taylor Moore - they have all written some quite superb pieces.
The students who have been regularly contributing to Wild Kid Nick's great range of challenges have kept some of us on the edge of our seats over the past few months. HUGE THANK YOU to Nicholas Oram for his outstanding work in this area.

School Holiday Courses (Years 4 to 10)

At long last the mammoth mail-out has been totally completed so if YOU have not received your brochure for the September/October holiday programme contact us at the office Tel 09 585 0111 or 021 389 448. Alternatively you can view the entire programme via NEXT SEMINAR tab above.

Mysterious Disappearing Website.....

Further to the email problems recently reported (see below) we have also been having server problems and our website magically vanished for a number of hours yesterday. This has meant that some schools received our newsletter info twice - for which we apologise.
We are working on the problem and hopefully it should be fixed in the not too distant future.

Email problems....

If you have not had a reply to email queries relating to the September/October courses: We seem to be having a problem with some mail simply bouncing back to the enquirer with the message that our mail box is full - (it isn't) ..... and other mail just disappearing! We are currently trying to sort this problem out and in the interim, if we do not respond to you please telephone us on 09 585 0111 or 021 389 448.

Strategy Games Workshops Enthusiasts....

Congratulations must go to our on-line DIPLOMACY players. I understand that after several months of agonizing strategy they have called a draw! At least one of the on-line players has already booked himself into the face-to-face game organised for the school holidays.

Holiday Seminars bulletin

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