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Off & On Line Diplomacy

The on line Diplomacy group first conceived in 2010, remained dedicated and cohesive until term two this year when the group decided to take the game off line and meet on a weekly basis.   Since July we have had a number of enquiries and demands that the on line version should be re-instated for new players.   The good news is that the re-start is planned for January 2013.  If your child is one of the keen new players you will be advised of developments via email.

Creativity Unlimited in 2012!

This year there certainly has been an upsurge of creativity as far as the old fashioned skills of knitting and crochet are concerned.   Jean's scarf design group managed to produce seventeen scarves between them, fourteen of which were donated to the Dove shop (and quickly disappeared from their shelves we noticed.)  Congratulations go to Jessica Lawrence, Martina Davis and Suzy Choi.    We intend to continue the design work into 2013 and already have our first boy attendee lined up!


We are developing a range of exciting new courses for 2013 and details will be at soon. 

Maths With The Ancients

The latest brainchild of mathematician Nicholas Oram is proving to be a great hit with students attending the seminars at Willowbank School in Dannemora.    This totally unique mathematics workshop involves  a whirlwind trip into the past to explore a variety of measurement challenges!  Ever imagined how the first ruler was made?  It has to be exact - no point if it isn't - but how do you begin when you haven't yet got a ruler?

If you fancy a fast trip through Ancient Babylon, Greece, Egypt and of course the Roman Empire, along with your maths then Willowbank is clearly the place for you to be.    And you might not be too late to join in because more workshops are in the pipeline for September.


August is going to be a busy month for our Gifted Seminars on Wheels teams.  Russell Greenwood, Nicholas Oram and Gloria Witheford will all be in Dannemora at Willowbank School during the month where groups of students will be able to partake of EYE WITNESS HISTORY, MATHS WITH THE ANCIENTS and REACH FOR THE STARS.   Ken Ring and Richard Lees will be in West Auckland at Summerland with full day seminars featuring  HUMAN CALCULATORS and TOY MANIA and Ken will be out west again mid month at Peninsula Primary where a keen group of students are looking forward to A VISIT FROM THE MATHMAN.

There is still time to book for a visit for your school.  Email Elaine now at elaine [at] giftedseminars [dot] org for dates and details.


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